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Angie BEE

Evangelist Angie BEE preaches from a prophetic gift from God. She conducts red carpet event interviews and features those videos on her page at


After retiring from a decade as an award-winning global radio show host, she now uses her anointed voice to narrate and produce audio books for authors and publishing companies


Angie BEE is a Mental Health Advocate and motivational speaker and she is a recipient of several community awards for her participation and leadership.  

Evangelist Angie BEE is now an Amazon International Amazon #1 best-selling author, an Amazon Best-Selling Author and the leader of "Authors For All," a virtual workshop that helps others become authors! 


Angie BEE & Bartee are authors.  Whether they write solo works, together, or within collaborations, they are sure to have a book -- in print or audio -- that will bless you, help you, and inspire you.  Click here to purchase your books now.

To order print copies of IN THE BEGINNING:  THERE WAS GOD, ME & YOU, Angie BEE & Bartee's personal love story, visit the publisher's site at  It is there where you may purchase a copy of Angie BEE's moving book about motherhood, MAAA!

The republication of Angie BEE's first book, LAST WEEK ... I WANTED TO DIE, is now available for pre-order with the publisher Ladero Press. Visit to order.  Books will ship mid-November.

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Bartee is well sought after throughout Central Florida and is referred to as "The Rage of the Stage" because of his Smooth Jazz, Motown Review, and Vintage Soul musical performances. 


He leads the "Dads-on-Duty" ministry workshop, brings "Movies Under The Stars with Bartee" to a variety of communities, and shares a powerful and loving testimony alongside Angie BEE during the "God, Me & You" marriage workshop and retreat.  

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Angie BEE & Bartee Productions received the coveted Literary Award from the founder of the FRESH Book Festival.
The award was presented to them by Mayor Derrick Henry of Daytona Beach, Florida.


Recipient of the Palm Tree Award by Mary and Martha Ministries, Florida - 2016


Recipient of the Female Announcer of the Year by the One Accord DJ Global Alliance as the host of the nation's first
Holy Hip Hop music format radio show airing weekdays - 2012

Founding Leader of the Florida Chapter of The Professional Women of Excellence, Inc. in 2010, award received in 2016

Evangelist ordained by Fellowship Church of Volusia County and Dr. Belinda McElveen-Watkins, Daytona Beach, FL - 2014

Ordained Deaconess by The Glorious Church of Christ and Dr. Trevor Belmosa, Orlando, FL - 2009

Founding Board Member of Reconciliation Church of Christ and Dr. Reginald Edwards, Orlando, FL - 1996

Founder of #TheTOURthatAngieBEEpresents evangelism troupe in July 2011

Joined in Holy Matrimony to Bartee on August 9, 2013

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