It’s been a long time...since there was a spark of joy.

Are you ready to get inspired? Are you ready to get fired up?


These 10 visionaries survived grief, overcame obstacles, and built road maps along the way. They have each done something extraordinary. These changemakers are on a mission with a single goal: 

Change the world, one woman at a time!


As they created their businesses, something remarkable happened. Each one developed a burning desire to help other women experience the power, confidence, and satisfaction that comes with success.


It’s easier when one is shown the way.


They changed their mess into a message.


Number one Amazon international best seller Fired Up! is a transformational anthology written by global women changemakers who share their inspiring stories of changing their:


  • Mess into message
  • Test into a testimony
  • Been-throughs to breakthroughs


Ten experts in the areas of finance and money management, health, mindset, and online business/ministry organizations share their personal breakthrough stories and actionable road maps to help you grow and level up.


You’ll learn:


  • Mindset - Five steps to change your limiting beliefs
  • Faith - How to pray
  • Finance - Ways to create a solid financial foundation
  • Health - Take control of your life in spite of living with multiple sclerosis
  • Career - Get started on personal and professional branding journey
  • Business - Five keys to writing and publishing your book


And much more...


You’ll love this collection of inspirational stories because each author is giving their plan for you to succeed and earn that life you’ve always wanted.


Audiobook produced by Angie BEE Productions and narrated by Evangelist Angie BEE - now available anywhere audiobooks are sold.


  • The $25.00 per book price includes shipping & handling.