In the Beginning There Was God, Me & You takes you on a stroll down a lane of unexpected romance that eventually blooms into a full love affair.  The magnitude of it cannot be measured in time, but in blessed moments; blessings that had to be recognized and seized upon. A lot of people miss those blessings, yet this romance had many opportunities of blessings that these two truly captured!


Delving into the the private lives of Angie BEE & Bartee, this is a story about family, transition, and acceptance, giving you pause as to why these people would let the world in on their story.  He was enjoying the benefits of a bachelor's life, after being divorced for eight years, and she was serving the Lord with gladness, after surviving two failed marriages. Their lives were on two separate train tracks until that faithful day when their trains were on the same track, and God's plan went into action!


A true love story - - one you will read, reflect upon, and wonder about, causing you to think about cinders  and how they cannot be rekindled, but can be built upon.


SKU: 978-1-946981-05-9
  • This book is being re-released in late April 2021.