As the world-wide protests erupted, The Lord instructed us to create a volume of Confinement Chronicles that reflected the feelings, stories and testimonies of our contributing authors.   


In this audiobook you will hear from Pastors, Lawyers, Entrepreneurs and Retired Senior Citizens; as they contribute to this moment in our history. 


This project is led by Evangelist Angie BEE, published by Angie BEE Productions and narrated by "Da Queen Bee" Evangelist Angie BEE.  This audiobook series is sold and delivered as both mp3 and mp4 audio files, available for download to the purchaser via link.


This audiobook includes contributions from the following:  

Author/Attorney Regina Nunnally

Author/Publisher Theresa Jordan

Author/Pastor Denise Bethea

Author/Festival Director Donna Gray-Banks

Author/Singer Bartee

Narrator Sonya Bennett

Music soundtrack by DJ Shyheim

Promotional support received from the F.R.E.S.H. Book Festival at, 

Triumphant Magazine at and  Growth Women's Business Networks Magazine (June 2020 Issue)  at

Produced, written and narrated by "Da Queen Bee" Evangelist Angie BEE.

Published by Angie BEE Productions  


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